събота, октомври 01, 2011

This is a story
a cliché story
a story written with a dictionary
an unnamed story
it's our story.

This story Is full of mistakes
punctuational, spelling and
everyday life mistakes.

It should be entertaning
it should be exciting
most of the time it’s not.

I know,
I can’t write good stories anymore
(not that if I’ve ever tried)

So this story
The no name story
The boring story
This foreign story
it goes like this:

It all began
long time ago
not long enough
a month or so…

It all began on time .
The end.

Actually I think of
not telling
you a story .
This medium rear story
even though
you like it cooked

But I’m a bad
story teller:
Everything I write comes out
not – so – happy ending.

From up to now
from now ‘till up
this stupid story
the no name story
the cliché story
is locked up.

I'll keep it just for me.
I’m not sharing these moments
with no one
no one
except you.

East - European superstitions.